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Kono School for the Blind

Why Concerned Women Kono District is the Answer for Kono School for the Blind!

Why award Concerned Women Kono District he Kono School for the Blind’s contract?

Every society is judged not by the way she treats the rich or the politically connected, but by the way they treat those who are in the lower edge of the economic stratum, especially with physical disabilities. Even for those with the true senses, it is quite a challenge to make ends meet in the World we live in today! The difficulty has been compounded and exacerbated when one has a family member who is blind or virtually impaired, especially in a Third World country like Sierra Leone, without political connections and limited resources to succor the visually impaired like the Kono School for the Blind, the only such school in the entire Kono District. Having a family member who is blind or visually impaired can affect many areas of family life Kono. Parents and relatives face a variety of challenges when making decisions about education, rehabilitation, and other services within the family setting. The above video by the students and faculty of the Kono School for the Blind is a vivid manifestation that, given the nurturing chance and resources, blindness is not the characteristic that defines them or their future. They may be blind, but they are not blind to the fact that they are famishing and that their school is under deplorable condition. They may be blind, but they know when they have a decent meal and have suitable dormitories and other school resources that make learning environment favorable to them. The fact of the matter is; they may be blind;but they realize the power of technology to get their collective message to the CEO of Concerned Women of Kono DistrictCWKD, Mrs. Tiwa Kailifala and other donors for immediate result.

They may be blind, but all of them can distinguish parental touch/voice from any different touch/voice in the World, punctuated by the CWKD! Why? The Concerned Women Kono District is the only non-governmental organization that has been consistently coming to their aid, and CWKD has raised the expectations of blind people. CWKD members are empathetic and they know low expectations create obstacles between blind people and our collective dreams for them. The critics who say that the School for the Blind has been helped before on several occasions, need to bear in mind that the School for the Blind does not need help when they cry out of hunger-with the only energy left in their famished bodies, they are supposed to be care-for, which is what CWKD intends to provide for them, if given the contract. Given the above analysis and the School’s video, it is my fervent hope that the Paramount Chiefs of Kono District, Kono authorities, and the National Government will pave the way for Concerned Women of Kono District to be awarded the contract to cater for the Kono School for the Blind--especially given the last contractor who only covered the deplorable conditions with paint, but left the deplorable conditions untouched! I hope we can all work to do right by our least fortunate citizens. Thank you for your continued support and thank you for your cooperation in this matter.
Tiwa Kalifala CEO, Concerned Women Kono District

CWKD Gratitude to all the Donors to feed the Blind

Contributions for the Kono School for the Blind


CWKD wishes to extend our sincere gratitude to the following for contributing to FEEDING the Students in Kono School for the Blind:  They are as follows:
CEO Tiwa Kailafa $650.00, Mr Bona  $200.00; Jeneba Sesay $150.00, Finda S Koroma $130.00 Mohamed Bah $130.00;Yei Bona $100.00;Komba MUSA $100.00:Janne Turay $100.00: Dorolthy Kaimachiande $50.00: Jalloh and Adama Fadika $50.00; Gaskin Sanghor Faa-Suku $50.00   Alhaji Sam Sumana 10 Bags Rice; Agnes Sinnah 5Bags Rice; Jarieu J Zainab Senesie $30.00; Jemilaba Mansaray $100.00 . Baby Sully $100.00 and Sahr Pomboh $50.00. Honorable Musa Fofanah 30: 24-bottles of water.Thanks to my dear brothers and sisters for your contribution . May the Lord bless  all of us abundantly 


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